Steel Procurement

International Sourcing

Nucor Trading is the trading arm of Nucor Corporation, which has the western hemisphere’s largest, widest and deepest product mix. Nucor has made a commitment to increase its presence in the international market by bringing more of its value-added, high-tensile and special products to customers on a recurring basis.

In addition to providing access to a major player in the worldwide steel industry, Nucor Trading also has privileged relationships with other major steel mills.

Our relationships with Nucor mills and third-party suppliers all serve just one purpose: to provide our customers with the steel they need when they need it.


We have purchased steel in all the major producing countries around the world.

We have been to the mills in often remote locations.

We have met the management and workers who make the steel.

We have tested the logistics to move the steel to port.

We have sold the steel and received customer feedback.

We know who we can rely on and who we cannot.

We know our steel!

Our vast geographical presence ensures that we can react quickly to the dynamic shifts constantly experienced in the international steel market. We are not tied to a particular market or a particular trade flow. We survive by being quick and flexible and taking advantage of market shifts.