Steel Trading

Transportation & Logistics

We buy and sell steel around the world. In between, we are principals:

  • we own the steel
  • we arrange documentation that is customer-friendly
  • we finance the operation
  • we arrange a total logistics package.

The majority of our time is spent on servicing suppliers and customers.

Transportation and Logistics

Buying and selling steel is only part of our business. Moving steel from supplier to customer is a major part of what we do. We charter ocean vessels in our own name and collaborate closely with ports, stevedores and land transportation companies. We have logistics professionals around the world who attend the loading and offloading of vessels and oversee all aspects of the logistics flow. We invest heavily in our logistics efforts to ensure that the steel we buy moves seamlessly to its destination.

We have been moving steel around the world for over 25 years. We know firsthand the problems which can occur and we are determined to do everything possible to anticipate potential problems and then work hard to ensure they do not arise