Steel Procurement

Nucor Corporation

Nucor is the largest steel producer in the western hemisphere. It has one of the largest, widest and deepest product mixes in the world. Nucor's reputation for quality and flexibility is unparalleled.

Nucor has a total capacity of 25m tons with less than 8000 people employed in steel making:

  • 2 hot-rolled plate production sites
  • 2 structural steel production sites
  • 2 wire rod production sites
  • 3 SBQ (special bar) production sites
  • 4 hot-rolled coil production sites
  • 11 rebar and merchant bar production sites
  • dozens of downstream fabrication sites

With annual revenues of over USD 23bn and returns on equity of over 30% over the past five years, Nucor is a large, solid pillar of the steel community.

Nucor has made a commitment to increase its presence in the international market by bringing more of its value-added, high-tensile and special products to customers on a recurring basis.

Backed by the depth, strength and ambition of Nucor to become a major player in the international sphere, Nucor Trading looks forward to an exciting future of marketing steel to new customers from this great steel producer.